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Hello, and welcome to the official LaLa Land blog!

Here at LaLa Land Comfy Wear we believe that everyone can find a happy place in their life. You know the feeling- when your mind, body and spirit are fully in tune, and every ounce of you feels like it’s glowing. When you feel that joy, fulfillment and love that overwhelms your heart. That’s your "la la land." It can be found in many different places, and through many different means- that journey is as individual as you are. But when you find it, your whole being sings. That is our wish for you.

LaLa Land Comfy Wear is known for making beautiful, flattering, quality yoga clothes, but we are much more than that. We love to encourage well-being, mindfulness, healthy living and love of life for everyone, no matter who you are or where you live.

In this blog we will be sharing our happy place with you, and give you tips and tricks to live your best life. You can expect to see holistic living advice, yoga tips, natural beauty how-tos, and more! We will be posting twice a month, so make sure to subscribe so you never miss an update.

If a post resonates with you, feel free to join in the conversation in the comment section, send us an email at info@lalalandcomfywear.com, or check us out on Instagram @lalalandcomfywear.


Paula, Betsy and Theresa

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