About Us


Angelica Daniele took on LaLa Land, LLC at a moment's notice. While she had been told many times to open her own yoga school, she knew that wasn't the right path for her. With backgrounds in dance and yoga, however, Angelica knew that movement and feeling good in her own body were two things she wanted those around her to experience.

Angelica is a Philadelphia native, but spent many years in Baltimore. It was during her time there, pursuing cross training for her dance career, that she found the Original Hot Yoga method. She never looked back! With 25+ years of dance training and 12 years of yoga practice, she's never found two things that blend better together! 

Angelica decided to take a leap of faith and become a yoga instructor in summer 2016 through Yoga Factory Teacher Training. Angelica now manages community events and trainings and teaches at Yoga Factory. In addition to several other career pursuits, she is beyond excited to now become a business owner, and continue her journey in making others feel amazing about their bodies, inside and out.

I'm grateful to the LaLa Land community and your sincere loyalty. With a light heart, I look forward to connecting with each and every one of you!

Love & Light,